Mission Statement

Why we are here
The mission of Koelsch Elementary School is to foster a love of learning in every student by
 providing opportunities for discovery,
 facilitating meaningful connections, and
 creating respectful environments.
 We believe these are the foundations necessary to celebrate each individual within our learning community.
What we desire
 Imagine every student
inspired, challenged, and cared for by our outstanding staff.
 Imagine your family
respected and valued by our welcoming school.
 Imagine our community
united, strengthened, and prepared for a successful future.
How we achieve
  • Every child is respected, experiences success, and feels cared for and positive about their involvement at Koelsch Elementary School.
  • We provide an environment which is orderly, safe, inviting, and stimulating.
  • Our parental community feels welcomed and valued as full participants in their child’s education.
  • Our staff works and shares as a collaborative team.
  • Our staff is motivated, enthusiastic, and experience continued professional growth.
  • Our leadership is supportive, encouraging, and fosters positive changes.