Volunteer Guidelines

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Boise School District Volunteer Guidelines:

Every volunteer, parent, Parent In Education participant, classroom guest or speaker, must sign in and out and be issued a visitor/volunteer pass. When signing in, a volunteer must indicate where in the school they will be working. (If you notice someone in the hallway without a badge, please don’t hesitate to ask if they need some help and escort them to the office for assistance.)

Unless given individual permission by school staff, a volunteer may not be in any area of the school other than those set aside for volunteers or indicated in the sign-in log.

At no time may a teacher leave a volunteer in charge or alone with a class.

At no time may a teacher leave a volunteer alone with a student or group of students out of the immediate sight of a school staff member.

Tutoring and mentoring may be done in the hall, back of the classroom, or library, but not an isolated area away from district employees.

How Volunteers Can Help
Volunteers may do the following:

Tutor in academic subjects.
Assist with reading, language and math development skills.
Assist in science, social studies, arts, crafts, music, drama or physical education projects.
Assist with library and resource center tasks.
Assist in preparation of instructional materials and displays.
Assist with general classroom projects.
One time only requested curriculum enhancement presentation.
Volunteers cannot do the following:

Diagnose student needs.
Design or implement instructional programs.
Present lesson plans.
Evaluate student progress and achievement.
Assume the responsibilities of a counselor.
Administer discipline.
Grade papers and/or be aware of students’ marks and grades.